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Daniel O'Donnell and Friends
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Daniel O'Donnell And Friends Radio Program,
Friday 12.00 noon - 4.00 pm on 3GCR FM.
Gippsland FM 104.7

Daniel & Majella
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From Jan 23/12/03

For further photos of artists click here.

On the history page you will see how the program first started and has grown to it's popularity today, 4 hours a week with an estimated 30,000 plus listeners as well as the show being send all over Australia and different times the world!!!!!!!

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Artists featured along with Daniel O'Donnell are:Mary Duff, Dominic Kirwan, Charlie Landsborough, Eamom McCann, Martin Cuffe, Caitlin, Susan McCann, Hugo Duncan, Seamus McGee, Michael English, John McNichol, Patrick Feeney, Sean Wilson, Warren Smyth, Frank McCaffrey, Margo (O'Donnell), Declan Nerney, Philomena Begley, Foster & Allen,  Isla Grant, Al Grant, Marc Roberts,Rosemarie,Eileen King,Ronnie Kennedy, John Staunton,Nickelodeon,John McGarrigle,Teresa Rodgers,Johnny Loughrey.Curtis Magee,

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Daniel O'Donnell Collage
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Thank's To Janis